Click to enlarge24 Alarm Parkinson's Pill Timer
LAST OPENED (automatic) indicaor
Easy-to-Set and EASY-to-USE

24 Alarm Parkinson's Pill Timer with (automatic) Last Opened Indicator

LAST OPENED Indicator. Great for Parkinson's Patients (e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap SKU 941457). Easy to Use e-pill Alarm Timer. You may also set up to 24 Daily Alarms (on the hour). Pill Bottle included.

This e-pill device works well for any number of doses of the same medication per day. If you have several different medications best practice is to have a different e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap device for each medication. Make certain the bottles are labeled.

Never forget to take your Parkinson medicines again with this pill timer with Last Opened Indicator. This pill timer works even if you do not set any alarms! FREE Standard SHIPPING.

The "last opened" function is spot on *perfect*. It arrives with the day and time already set. So those who are not technically-inclined, like me, can breathe a sigh of relief. Open it to put your pills in, then when you close it, as you tighten the cap shut it beeps once to tell you it's sealed and the time and day are set. It will continue to display the time and day you closed the bottle until you open it up again. C.C. IL

Clinically proven pill timer from e-pill Medication Reminders: SIMPLE-to-USE digital timepiece indicates the last time the medication bottle was opened, TIME of day, AM or PM, and DAY of the week.

Up to 24 daily alarms can be set - flashing display ('blinking') indicates when your Parkinson's pill(s) are overdue (if alarms have been set).

The e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap is Super Easy to Set and Super Easy to Use. Unique LAST OPENED visual indicator. Automatically time and date stamp last opening. Feel Better. Avoid Medication Errors. FREE Standard SHIPPING, 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee, One (1) Year Warranty.

Click to enlarge images, see how easy this e-pill is to use. Pill timer on top last opened on Wednesday 4:10 PM small picture on Tuesday 10:15 AM.

  • Visual LAST OPENED Indicator works even if no alarms have been set.
  • Easy to Use Cap Timer fits on Pill Bottle (included).
  • Up to 24 alarm times per day. True alarm settings (NOT an Interval Timer) on the hour.
  • No alarm reset required. Alarms auto reset at midnight every day.
  • Used in Clinical Trials.
  • Improve PD Medication Non-Adherence. Proven 95 % Patient Compliance / Medication Adherence rate and Clinical Efficacy (published clinical study).

  • Improve Parkinson's Patient Compliance: Reduce medication non-adherence with the clinically proven e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap Medication Reminder. Works well for all patients that take one (or more) medications multiple times per day.

    Efficacy data published in THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY - Impact of an Electronic Medication Compliance Aid on Long-Term Blood Pressure Control. Results show a significantly higher patient compliance (medication adherence) rate with TimeCap (95.1%) vs patients using a standard vial (78%) with a corresponding reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

    Daily ALARMS: You can set as many alarms as you wish (up to 24 daily alarms / only on the hour).

    LAST OPENED / MISSED PILL: Visual indicator is automatically set each time the e-pill TimeCap cap is removed. LAST OPENED shows the patient when the cap was opened the last time. This function works even if no alarms have been set.

    Time to Take your Medications: Alarm will sound for 10 seconds and the display will begin to flash. Display will flash until the e-pill TimeCap is removed from the bottle. MISSED PILL INDICATOR if medications are overdue (alarm time has been reached) the easy-to-read display will be flashing showing the time and day (with a black dot over the day, see picture) when the e-pill Cap was opened the last time. Super easy to use and understand for young and old patients.

    Size: 2 inch, fits on medicine bottle (included) or a "standard 33mm" thread pharmaceutical closure.

    Manufactured: This patented quality instrument is Made in Japan. Cap IS NOT CHILD-PROOF.

    Battery Life: One (1) Year. Uses replaceable LR 44 x 1 Button cell (included).

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    24 Alarm Parkinson's Pill Timer. Easy to Set and EASY to USE. 941457 e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap. Pill Bottle Medication Reminder with unique "LAST OPENED" visual indicator and up 24 Daily Alarms. Includes Easy-to-Open Timer Cap with replaceable LR44 x 1 Button Cell, Pill Bottle and Instruction Manual. FREE Standard Shipping (US customers only. Non-Us pay $15.00 for shipping & handling)Regular price: $34.00Sale price: $29.95Please select your FREE set-up option: 

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