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e-pill® CADEX® VibraPlus™. Vibrating 8 Alarm Vibration Watch.
Easy-To-Use Parkinson's Medication Reminder Alarm Watch.

Parkinson's Eight (8) Vibrating Alarm Watch
e-pill CADEX VibraPlus Eight (8) Alarm Watch (Strong Vibration Alarm, Sound Alarm or Both)

Our e-pill CADEX VibraPlus is a nicely designed medication reminder watch (strong vibration or sound), it looks like a normal sports watch; up to eight daily alarms that auto-reset each day a midnight (repeats again tomorrow at the same times) it shows real time, back-light, stop watch and unique Count-Down Timer with "auto start" (interval timer automatically starts and stops at the end of each day). 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! FREE standard SHIPPING (US only). Never forget to take your medications again. Avoid medication errors. Feel better.

Watch Vibrates! - time to take your pills or get an injection!
Discreet and Easy to Use
  • STRONG Vibration Alarm. Vibrating discreet alarm helps hearing impaired patients
  • Multi-Alarm (up to eight alarms per day)
  • Vibration Alarm or Sound Alarm or Both
  • Count Down Interval Timer - long interval from 15 minutes to 24 hours with unique Auto Start
  • Key Lock feature (prevents accidental changes)
  • Back Light makes it easy to read the time at night
  • Stopwatch (Chronograph)
This watch is for anybody who does not want the world around him or her to know they are on medication.

“This watch has allowed me to be prompt with my eight times a day pill taking. This compliance helps me stay "steady" all day. In the past I either forgot or was late or couldn't remember if I had taken my meds. I am really pleased with the watch that vibrates on my wrist and doesn't announce to the rest of the world that it is "time to take your pill." P.V. NJ

Originally developed for children with diabetes - e-pill CADEX VibraPlus watch vibrates (strong vibration) - time to go to the school nurse & get an insulin injection! Not only for children - this watch style is for adults and teenagers! Great looking sports watch for individuals of all ages.

The e-pill CADEX VibraPlus Alarm Watch works as a discreet reminder in meetings, school, church etc. Size is suitable for men, women and children.

Manufactured by: e-pill, LLC (e-pill Medication Reminders)
Warranty: One (1) Year Warranty by manufacturer, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Color....: Black/Silver with Black Leather Strap.
Strap....: Replaceable 18 mm standard strap. Black leather strap included.
Vibration Intensity: STRONG Vibrating Alarm Size.....: Watch size 1 1/2" x 1/2" | Watch digits 1/4" size
Battery..: Replaceable CR2032 3 Volt, Battery life 4-6 months. 1 Spare Battery included for FREE and screwdriver to facilitate battery change.
Shipping: FREE Standard Shipping (US customers only)
SKU 932349 | UPC 837066000541

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8 Alarm Vibrating Watch Parkinson's Patients 932349 8 Alarm Vibrating Alarm Watch. Easy to Use Medication Reminder Pill Alarm Timer. Up to 8 Daily Alarms. Auto start Count-down Timer with auto start and stop. Interval 15 Minutes up to 24 hours, Stopwatch, Back light. Key Lock feature. Black / Silver Watch with Black Leather Strap, Easy to Read Instruction Manual, CR 2032 Battery + Spare Battery, Screw Driver for battery change. FREE Shipping (US Customers only, Non-US Customers pay $15.00 for Shipping & Handling)Regular price: $139.95Sale price: $99.95Select: 

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